Updated: May 31

Every computer on the internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) address which consists of numerical digits. As it is impossible to remember digits of every website you love, computer scientists created the domain name system to identify entities on the internet, rather than IP addresses. Domain names are used by internet users to find websites of interest. They are not just technical shortcuts, however. A domain name can either give you a successful web presence or help you become lost and forgotten in the cyberspace.

In this day and age, you will always need a strong presence on the internet, whether you own an existing business or have an idea for a startup. The first thing a customer does is conduct a web search when searching out your product and/or service. You will greatly increase your chance of a sale if your website is easy to find and navigate. Other benefits of a professional domain name are:

Add Credibility to Your Small Business

Your company or brand looks professional with the right domain name. If you publish your company website through free hosting sites or an ISP then your company site name will be, instead of While such a website name is okay for a hobby or for testing, it is never okay for a business. It tells your customers that you don’t take your business seriously. Many buyers think if you are not willing to spend money to register an appropriate domain name then you would not put any effort into creating valuable products and/or services for them.

Says You’re Forward-Thinking

A professional domain name can put your company ahead of your competitors. Having your own domain name indicates that you are part of the digital revolution and are up to date with the latest trends and emerging technologies.

Builds Your Brand

A right domain name can increase awareness of your brand. Matching your domain name with your company can make it easier for customers to remember it because it reinforces your brand. You can easily win business via word of mouth because if the customers will remember your domain name they will pass it along to their friends.

Interact With Niche Market

If you want to attract a specific targeted audience, a hyper-specific domain name should be in your toolbox. For example, Amazon sells everything from cosmetics and clothing to books and stationery to kitchenware and gardening tools. Its domain is recognizable across the world. For niche markets, Amazon created a specific domain that redirects customers to what they want, such as This way it capitalizes on an existing domain name. Secondly, using these domain names that point to your primary website can help you gauge what most of your customers are interested in. This way, you can allocate your marketing budget accordingly.

Adds Mobility to Your Internet Presence

Having your own domain name lets you take the name with you if you switch to your own in-house server. Otherwise, you will have to make a new URL which will destroy the branding that you built up with your initial web address.

Increase Search Engine Ranking

With the right domain name, you can easily increase your search engine ranking. Your domain name will become more and more recognizable to search engines like Google if you develop your website with quality content. This will draw more customers in your direction. If, however, you register a domain name that uses your personal name, instead of using the exact business name, you will lose out on customers in search of your product and/or service. For example, you sell organic blueberries online and your business name is John Farms and you chose as your website name. Your competitor, on the other hand, uses If a potential customer is searching for you using ‘organic blueberries’, Google will display higher than

The dynamics of marketing have changed significantly in recent years with the majority of shopping happening on the internet. A well-developed and maintained website is an effective and lasting way of reaching potential customers. Combine that with the right domain name and you can easily create a lasting brand image. Therefore, a domain name should be decided patiently, after much careful deliberation and research. Ogling Now provides all services related to branding and web development, including helping you choose the right domain name for your business.

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