Updated: May 31

Over the years, websites built with WordPress have continued to grow. In 2019, WordPress powered 34% of the internet. While using WordPress allows you to easily create a website, there are hundreds and thousands of themes to choose from. Most of the time beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a theme for their site. Each WordPress theme caters to a different market; each theme looks better than the last one.

Whether it is a free theme or premium one, there are many factors that can make a WordPress theme standout among others. WordPress theme should always complement the content of website. Your theme is the face of your website and plays an important role in how users as well as search engines perceive it.

Make a List of Requirements

Before beginning the quest for a WordPress theme, it’s better to make a list of your needs and requirements on the type of website you want. Which type of customization do you require? What do you want your website to be best known for? What plugins are essential to ensure the smooth running of your processes?

Simplicity Is the Name of the Game

You will be able to represent your content in an uncluttered manner by selecting a minimal theme. If you decide to go with a complicated theme, it can be too distracting and unappealing for your website visitors. By using a simple theme website, you can help users easily focus on the content of your website, as well as boost your site performance.

Responsive Themes

On smart phones or small screens, responsive themes offer better readability, visibility and usability. It allows a single site to be viewed on various devices without the need for additional themes or plugins. These days, we are seeing an increase in the number of responsive themes that are being created by WordPress theme companies. This is because most people now access the internet through their smartphones and tablets. If a large proportion of your website visitors use their smartphones to visit your website, you should seriously consider offering a mobile version or switching to a responsive WordPress theme.

Color is Key

Color is a powerful tool that evokes emotions that can result in negative, positive or mismatched feelings. Color psychology should be used extensively in all aspects of web design. If your website isn’t visually appealing, a visitor will bounce right off as soon as he lands on your site. We recommend choosing a lighter colored theme that is easy on the eye, improves readability and lets you experiment with a variety of conventional design elements.

Cost of the Theme

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that WordPress provides two types of themes. One is free and the other is paid (premium). Free theme limits your ability to customize your website. Also, you do not get all the latest features when you opt for a free theme. Premium themes, on the other hand, are provided with various updates and customization options. Support is also provided by the developers when you buy premium themes. While you do not need to pay anything for free themes, we still recommend paid themes. They are more beneficial as you will be able to get a variety of features to work with as you develop your website.

SEO Friendly Design

It is necessary to adopt SEO friendly WordPress themes if you want better search results of your website. Your backbreaking work will fritter if you design a website with a theme that is not SEO friendly.

Selecting the perfect WordPress theme for your website is a comprehensive task. If you need help creating a website for your business, get in touch with web design and development experts at Ogling that can design custom websites for you!

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