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With the advent of Facebook back in 2004, social media activism increased by leaps and bounds, and now there are a number of popular networks out there creating a global social network system. At present, approximately 3.2 billion people are socially active on various media channels and about 85% of these go on social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, for their morning news. This massive public interest in social media has made businesses realize its importance, and more and more companies are utilizing social media as a marketing tool for their products and services.

Social Media Marketing Costs Less Than Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing often requires companies to put aside a sizeable budget for TV advertisements, billboard advertisements, print marketing, or hiring people to make phone calls to potential customers. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is able to reach the most people for a fraction of that money. By investing a little time and money on social media marketing, your company can significantly boost its sales and increase return on money initially invested. Furthermore, social media marketing gives you the opportunity to grow your customer base, not only locally, but globally as well, in a much shorter time period.

Social Media Provides Brands with More Exposure and Awareness

As stated above, people are joining social media at a stupendous rate, and these numbers are estimated to grow tremendously by 2020 as more media channels spring up to join the social platform. With this huge increase in traffic, social media presence can give businesses maximum exposure and greater marketing mileage for their products and services. Businesses that are regularly interacting with their customers on social media hold more leverage than their competitors who are not as active. Therefore, it is wise to develop social media presence on various social channels to engage and interact with potential customers and enhance your business prospects.

Social Media Communicates Authority

One essential indicator of a brand’s authority on social media can be ascertained by its social media communities. A brand that receives thousands of ‘likes’ clearly has more brand authority than a brand with fewer ‘likes’. As social media platforms are direct lines of interacting with your customers, and a great opportunity to develop your brand as an authority in your field of production, it is essential that you develop a great profile of your organization on social media to relay a positive image of your company highlighting qualities such as trust, professionalism, and resourcefulness.

Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty

Building and maintaining brand loyalty is the crux of all marketing strategies. Social media has played a huge role in bringing down barriers between companies and their customers. It has helped develop marketing strategies that pay more attention to making connections and developing relationships with customers rather than those that focus on the ‘try to sell’ strategies of the past. With advancement in technology and the resultant globalization, companies focus their marketing strategies on reaching out to maximum potential customers with the specific aim to engage and win them over to their product, develop lasting relationships that go a long way and develop into brand loyalty.

Enhanced SEO rankings

Social media is becoming a vital factor in calculating SEO rankings. Present day social media marketing strategies are focused on increasing visibility on various social media platforms. This directly indicates the success of a business. Simply put, content that is shared by the maximum number of viewers is more likely to receive backlinks from other websites. These backlinks are an indication of a better SEO ranking. An improved ranking leads to an increase in social media activity which in turn results in enhanced brand awareness and success of business’s products and/or services.

The importance of social presence being established, let’s now look into some of the most popular social media channels:

Facebook: It is the largest social media platform globally that has about 2.4 billion active monthly users and generates up to 645 million local business page views per week. This platform is ideal for businesses that want to generate leads and build relationships.

LinkedIn: It is the largest social media network for professionals and business people all around the world. There are more than 500 million LinkedIn users and it is the most used social media platform for Fortune 500 companies. It is an essential platform for building business connections, developing trust, and building authority.

Twitter: This interesting social media channel has over 300 million active monthly users. The majority of its users are 35 to 65 years old and keenly interested in sensitive issues, breaking news, and hot topics.

Pinterest: This media channel is most suited to businesses that have visual appeal, such as clothing, travel and home decor brands, and is a great platform for driving sales. In 2019, an estimated 320 million users were active on this social platform.

YouTube: It is one of the most popular social channels that is video oriented. It has an estimated 2 billion users and about 1 billion hours of videos are viewed on this social platform every day. Having content about your product, service, or niche on YouTube can greatly benefit your business.

Snapchat: This is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. Businesses can use it for advertisements, offering promotions, and building relationships with influencers in order to drive brand recognition and loyalty.

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